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Scott Bromann, 9-6-2021

Scott Bromann, 9-6-2021

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09/10/21 02:44 PM #22    

Mary Besore (Durward)

So sorry to hear of Scott's passing.  I know he was looking forward to the reunion, and I was looking forward to seeing him.  Prayers for Carlyn and family, and for all who loved him.

09/11/21 05:03 PM #23    

Marsha Virene (Matthews)

I went to Scott's Visitation last night in Glen Ellyn. The long line wrapping about the Leonard Memorial Home gave testimony to how much Scott was loved. I believe I waited an hour before I even made it inside the building. It was worth the wait. Once I made it inside the main room I saw Carlyn graciously talking to each person in line. She knew how lucky she was to have been married to Scott and have 3 beautiful daughters with him. She was very sad not to have more time with him. She was just as I remembered her in High School, beautiful and kind. Her 3 daughters followed her in line and were just as warm. Then I talked to his 2 brothers. One of them said what a great way it was to grow up with 4 brothers in the family. He said Scott was his "Go To Guy". Judging by all the people that attended and all the messages that are coming in on our high school website, he was many peoples' "Go To Guy". You could also see in the picture posters what a wonderful life he had from his childhood to Sept. 6th and all the people he touched along the way. What a great smile he had!  He was an extraordinary person with a kind heart and will be greatly missed. A piece of him will live on in all of us and help make us each better people having known him. God Bless you all, especially Carlyn and her lovely family. 



09/11/21 07:59 PM #24    

Steven Blackburn

While I cannot pretend that Scott and I were close - although we sat next to each other due to alphabetical ordering in Lillard Brown's Geometry class - I must say I was stunned and saddened at the news.  When Scott Zapel and I chatted by phone when the Reunion website first went public, Scott Bromann's name came up as one of the few people Zapel and I knew in common.  That, perhaps, is a testament to the wide-ranging interests - with a demeanor to match - that characterized Scott Bromann.  As so many of our classmates have already written, Bromann was the quinessential Good Guy.  His passing is a loss not only for his family, but for all of us.

09/12/21 01:10 PM #25    

Anthony Capps

Thanks for the message you posted Marsha.  It gave me a sense of being there.  After all these years, it is nice to know that those who were so close to us for 4, 6 or 8 short still matter.  

I was able to watch Scott's funeral service as they live streamed it from the Faith Lutheran Church. The tributes by one of his daughters and one of his brothers were very moving.  They described him just as I remember him.  He had a heart of gold.  Rest in peace Scott.  Peace and prayers to Carlyn and the family.  

09/12/21 07:14 PM #26    

Scott Zapel

Tony mentions Scott's funeral service being streamed from Faith Lutheran Church on Saturday, 9-11-21.  Anyone can watch the recorded service on YouTube at:  The service was less than an hour if you fast forward through the first 16 minutes of organ music with no video.  The key part of the service is from minutes 24 through 44, the eulogies of Scott's oldest daughter, Katrina, and his youngest brother, Dean Bromann.

09/13/21 11:22 AM #27    

Marsha Virene (Matthews)

Scott, Thank you so much for sending us the website to watch Scott's funeral. It was so touching and nice to hear of even more wonderful things Scott did in his personal and family life. It was good to see Scott's male friends sitting together and supporting each other. Scott was so fortunate to have all you guys as friends. 

09/13/21 04:54 PM #28    

Dee Copelan

Scott Z. - Thank you for posting the link to the service for Scott B.  I was so moved by both his daughter's and brother's eulogies. I didn't really know Scott, but after hearing those two speak, I am in awe of him - as a loving father...of 3 girls (!!!), as a great friend to you and others, and as a very unique and caring person in this crazy world. Such a man will be greatly missed by Carlyn, the rest of his family and friends. May they take comfort in their memories of him, and how he still inspires the lives of others through them. 

09/14/21 01:37 PM #29    

Jean "Frosty" Pengelly (Lay)

Thank you, Scott Z for posting the link to Scott's service.  It was a beautiful service. I loved hearing his daughter and brother talk about him.  I felt like I was there.  I smiled when his daughter said he would call out "man on two" when the girls were teenagers and he was coming upstairs.  I feel a connection with the Lutheran Church and University of Illinois and so many of the fun memories they shared even though I have not been back in Glen Ellyn for years.  I would have loved talking to him at the reunion again.  I'm glad they have so many friends to surround Carlyn and family with love and support. 

09/15/21 08:11 AM #30    

Carole Blomquist (Peterson)

Thank you, Scott Z. for sharing the link for Scott's funeral service.  It was a lovely service and hearing Katrina and Dean share memories of Scott were truly touching.  Scott was a beloved individual and will be missed by so many.  We have all been blessed to have known him and called him friend.

09/21/21 09:19 AM #31    

Susan "Sue" Langguth

I'm sure I probably had some classes with Scott in high school but I didn't really know him. I was hesitant to attend our 10th reunion. But standing in line to receive our name tags, Scott said "Hi, Sue Langguth." I didn't even know he knew my name! Made the evening for me. When I bought my Glen Ellyn home in the mid-80's, Scott handled the transaction and calmed my nerves. I enjoyed working with him on several reunion committees.

For all of Scott's family and friends, may you find comfort in your memories. Rest in peace, Scott.

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