Pre-Glenbard West Photos

 2020 marks the (unofficial) 63rd reunion of when this whole classmate thing got started.

Here are some class pictures from the gradeschools that prepared us for Glenbard West.  If you have more class pictures you can share, please contact us! 

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School First Grade

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School Third Grade Classes 1960-1961*

 *Names of students as identified by Mark Luginbill, Scott Bromann, and Scott Zapel from official class photos, with question marks or commentary with respect to uncertain identifications.  Corrections and identification of unknown students are welcomed.

Miss Orton’s Class

1st Row (left to right): Pari Ruck (?); Brian Eck; Bonnie Graver; Will Blomquist; Linda Stoltz; Unknown; Renee Schlachter

2nd Row: Diane Hilgert; Kip Dyson; Bob Mansell; Bobby Mason

3rd Row: Kip Young; Bob Tyler; Martha Herr; Mark Swanson; Unknown

4th Row: Unknown; Dorothy Ferrell (?); Steve Condon; Peggy Gore; Sylvia Woods; Scott Hartman; Melissa Miller

5th Row: Marsha Morrow; Eileen Kirkpatrick; Dawn Spencer; Becky Devore (?); Connie Kowal

Mrs. Hanson’s Class

1st Row: Mark Luginbill; Joan Freedlund; Mrs. Hanson; Mark Mueller; Sheryl Anderson

2nd Row: Laurie Schultz; Unknown; Gary Gardner; Laura Kohl

3rd Row: Sondra Van Waldyck; Phil Osborn; Kathy Lightfoot; Bob Schwanke (?); Terry Coles; Ralph Wilder; Jane Osborne

4th Row: Scott Zapel; Sandy Mueller; Linda Ernst; Unknown (but we think it may be Paul McCartney); Mike Matthews; Linnea Reardon; Chris Hagemeier

5th Row: Barb Lannin;  Unknown (but could be Dick Jackson if he’s not the last student in Mrs. Ohrn’s class); Mary Jo Slater; Derek Jeffers; Barb Shepard; Steve Leek

Mrs. Berton’s Class

1st Row: Phil Mitchell; Patty Lannin; Mrs. Berton; Kevin Buchholz; Bonnie Tucker

2nd Row: Susan Early; Jeff Reno; Karen Bush; John Rehm

3rd Row: Unknown (looks like Sally Hansen, but we think she did not attend Ben Franklin); Stuart Woodward; Linda Wisniewski; Coley Ogdon; Unknown

4th Row: Ken Given; Unknown; Allison Brooks; Lonnie Albertson; Ruth Shepherd; Jeff Patton; Mike Ashbrook; Pam Neckar

5th Row: Bill Storm; Christine Beaver; Laurie Linder; Jim Fasules; Keith Coiley; Nancy Martin (?); Ralph Klein

Mrs. Ohrn’s Class

1st Row: Neil Havlik; Sue Schenk; Mrs. Ohrn; Bill Roalman; Marsha Virene

2nd Row: Ross Peterson; Jean Pengally; John Bushnell; Beta Bangor; Jim Newman; Barb Larkin

3rd Row: Bonnie Huff; Unknown; Lyn Lightfoot; Steve Smith; Ellen Hanselmann; Doug Collins; Carol Kemmer

4th Row; Kay Trongeau; Everett “Butch” Lindahl; Carol Blomquist; Scott Bromann; Laurie Spreen; Ken Rabbers

5th Row: Ed Shimkus; Penny Bonsema; Bobby Rawski; Mike Schneidecker; Sandy Prescott; John Lieblich; Unknown (Dick Jackson?)

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School Fifth Grade


Glen Oak Elementary School Fifth Grade