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Dale Walksler, 2-3-2021

Dale Walksler, 2-3-2021

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02/05/21 09:24 AM #2    

Charles "Chuck" Kuoni III

I truely regret never having visited the Wheels of Time Museum when we were living in Chapel Hill, NC and renewing my contact with Dale. In high school knew Dale, but we were never "friends" and it is great that he is recognized for his work. I always think about Dale when I see a TV program that references the Wheels of Time Museum, such as American Pickers. RIP Dale, your life was special and you made a lot of people happy because of your love for motorcycles. Chuck

02/05/21 11:07 AM #3    

Ralph Klein

What a success story. I have copied this and sent it along to my kids. Thank you, Scott, for posting this unfortunate tragic news about Dale. One could think of Dale as being analogous to a good natured - ton of laughs guy. We always had fun clowning around in school. We had a lot of fun particularly in Mrs. Pappas’ class senior year. Dale was a great competitor in wrestling as well. He had that tough spirited attitude a great wrestler needed to be successful. Its obvious he transferred his dedication and spirit into an extraordinarily successful career not only for himself but for all the others that enjoy his museum and business. RIP Dale, we miss you!

02/06/21 06:18 AM #4    

Jeff Reno

So sorry to hear about Dale. Hard work and success were earmarks of the Walksler family. Like his older brother Doug, Dale was passionate about what he did. Wheels Through Time. If you had zero interrest in motorcycles and came across this place by accident, went inside, and experienced what Dale collected and displayed you would walk out and just say WOW.  Not unusual for him to walk out of his shop area with greasey clothes and hands and talk with people.  Most, if not all of the motorcycles in the museum were in running condition. A must see museum. My condolences to the Walksler family. Dale will be missed by all who knew him. 

02/06/21 08:36 PM #5    

Jean "Frosty" Pengelly (Lay)

I'm so sorry to hear about Dale.  What a great life story and legacy.  This amazing museum will live on in his memory. If we ever get a chance to go to NC, I will make sure to go see this museum! I wish I could have seen it with Dale there.

02/11/21 08:56 PM #6    

Scott Zapel

This YouTube link has a 3+ minute photo montage of Dale and his motorcycles, mostly at his Wheels Through Time museum:

Here is another nearly 5 minute YouTube video link in which Dale is interviewed in the Wheels Through Time museum, and you get to hear his rich baritone voice talking about his passion for motorcycles:

02/12/21 04:17 PM #7    

Jean "Frosty" Pengelly (Lay)

Scott, thank you for sharing that photo montage.   Everyone who knew Dale should see this.

02/13/21 03:35 PM #8    

Susan "Sue" Webster (Pronk)

It is so interesting to see and hear what our Glenbard classmates have been doing. This video of Dale is a great tribute to his memory. Thank you Scott for all you do to keep us informed. 

02/14/21 08:19 PM #9    

Jean "Frosty" Pengelly (Lay)

I finally got to see the interview from 2013.  So fun to see him and hear him talk about his passion.  I wish I could have gone to this museum and talked to him.  So sorry we've lost another classmate. But thank you for keeping us all informed, Scott.

02/22/21 01:32 PM #10    

Lynn Stephen

What an incredible collection and legacy that Dale created leaving an amazing piece of American history for all to enjoy. I didn't know Dale very well and I'm sorry to hear of his passing. Several years ago my dad and I saw Dale on American Pickers and it was such a great surprise to see him on the show. We had hoped to visit his museum, but unfortunately we didn't have the opportunity. I hope his family will continue to share his dream and lifes' work with this wonderful museum.  

06/12/21 07:42 PM #11    

Richard "Rich" Bain

I knew Dale and hung out with him for a few years in middle school and early HS.  He, Jack Tisinai and I were into building flying model airplanes.  Dale was always so bound and determined to finish some very complex free flight models.  We spent lots of hours in the garages and basements puzzling over design and construction. 


He always had motorized projects going and he somehow got ahold of a go cart with a roll bar and a zippy Mac-9 2 cycle engine (50 mph?).  In his enthusiasm and flagrant disregard for traffic do's and don'ts, I remember him laying rubber up and down our street, pissing off my parents and making me laugh to tears.

He was always full speed ahead and afraid of about nothing.  I recall him picking friendly fights with bigger guys and not backing down.  He would antagonize larger colleagues and  sometimes teachers and never run.  He was in wrestling and worked hard on weights and was the first person I ever knew to use protein powder as a supplement.  Although he seemed out of control there was always a method woven into all this determination.  

A few years ago I heard about Dale's Channel and was not surprised to see him doing exactly what he wanted and in exactly what fashion.  The interviews on youtube showed the same joy and rebelliousness I witnessed earlier on.

I was shocked to learn of his death in February.  Too soon and 5 years of what sounded like cancer struggles.  I am proud to have known such an exuberant and totally free spirit.  Pasquale, Keep kickin ass, where ever you are.






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