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Barbara "Barb" Wabel (Hadley, 6-19-2020)

Barbara Barb Wabel (Hadley, 6-19-2020)

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10/03/20 11:19 PM #2    

John Simanton

This is a blow!  Barbara and I weren't close by any means, but from grade school on we were good for a smile and a "Hi!"  We did connect for a little while on  Definitely a delightful person, would have loved to have caught up with her at the reunion!

10/05/20 11:50 PM #3    

Jean "Frosty" Pengelly (Lay)

So sorry to lose yet another classmate. Prayers to her family.

10/06/20 04:36 PM #4    

Lynda Boden (Rahal)

I was a close friend of Barbs but grew apart latter in life. She would have loved the kind words written about her. She married Bill "Hadley" who was a class ahead. Her house was great for sleep overs and her mother Bernie would make pancakes the next morning. Sad, she died this year. 
Lynda Boden Rahal

06/15/21 05:48 PM #5    

Karen Field (Bolek)

I remember Barbara Wabel as an incredibly quiet, understated, and gentle soul. My family moved to Glen Ellyn Woods (near the Arboretum) mid-year when we were in second grade, and Barbara's family moved in around the same time. We were both placed in Miss Hadley's second grade class (before she got married and became Mrs. Wagner) at Arbor View, and she invited me over to her house not long after we'd moved in. When I arrived at their door, I was greeted by Barbara and both her parents, who took the time to stand and behold me, look into my eyes, and smile broadly. It was a Disney-esque moment, everyone's eyes twinkling magically as I got their subtle nod of approval. Her parents seemed just as humble, sweet, and gentle as could be despite their obvious wealth. Barbara told me how many rooms there were in their mansion, and I don't exactly remember but I think it was more than 20. Barbara led me upstairs (2nd or 3rd floor?) to a very small, cozy corner room overlooking the beautiful front yard, with packed boxes lining one side of the room, and she told me this was her favorite room. We sat down and she wanted to play with dolls, so although that wasn't really my thing, I gave it a try. It was fantasy play, and after a little bit, I asked her a question or two about her opinions of something, possibly regarding school or something general in the real world. This stopped her in her tracks and she didn't answer. I gathered that she didn't like to give opinions about anything that might lead to a disagreement (at least to whatever question I asked), maybe for fear of creating conflict(?) She just wanted to continue playing with the dolls. In any event, conversation was always important to me and it was hard for me to find a strong basis for a friendship. Unfortunately, at age 7 I may not have had the capacity to hide my disappointment. So a friendship never formed, but I always thought highly of her as a rather pure soul. By high school I didn't keep track of her life, but it's nice to know she found love. Also, I think her high school picture is really beautiful. Rest in peace and know that you were loved, Barbara ~

06/15/21 10:21 PM #6    

John Simanton

Thanks for sharing your memories of Barbara, Karen!

07/02/21 11:06 AM #7    

Scott Zapel

The following post comes from Barb's sister, which I post on her behalf:

It has been just over a year now that we lost my sister, Barb Wabel. I miss her every day. She had been ill for several months prior to her death, but seemed to be improving. Contrary to another posting, she was never a diabetic but had more than her share of other health issues. Her husband Bill Hadley continues to live in Oregon. She was a sweet, funny, intelligent, interesting woman and was taken far too soon. Please keep her in your prayers. 

Janet Wabel Rawlings ‘66

07/03/21 10:39 AM #8    

Marsha Virene (Matthews)

How sad about Barbara. I didn't know her personally, but she sounds like she was a wonderful person. May God rest her beautiful soul. 

07/03/21 11:41 PM #9    

John Simanton

Absolutely glad to, Janet!

07/04/21 10:39 PM #10    

John Simanton

Well said, Marsha!

10/24/21 06:14 PM #11    

Laura Salsbery

Barb was a sweet person and a talented artist. We shared several art classes together and I was invited to her home a few times. It was always fun and I enjoyed their wonderful home. I believe it was because of the Wabel's home that I became so interested in historic homes and restorations.God bless Barb!

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