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Margaret "Peggy" "Peg" McDonald, 4-2012

Margaret Peggy Peg McDonald, 4-2012

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03/26/20 11:32 PM #1    

Wendy Dirks (Died 1-26-23)

I am so sorry to see Peggy McDonald is gone. I have completely lost touch with her since high school, but she was just so charming and so bright. This is sad news.

04/05/20 09:58 AM #2    

Dan Ruby

I crossed paths with Peg in Boston in the the mid-1980s and stayed in touch on and off after that. She remained inquisitive and witty through it all. There were some challenges along the way. She left two terrific children, Zola and Xavier. She was close with her mom, recently passed, and several sisters. I treasure her memory. 

04/27/20 05:01 PM #3    

Anthony Capps

i didn't keep in touch with Peggy after high school, but I can never forget her infectious attitude. Peggy was always so much fun and so vibrant.   I'm saddened to hear of her passing.  She was always so thoughtful, always interested in how I was doing and cared about other's feelings. 

07/08/21 02:24 PM #4    

Karen Field (Bolek)

I first met Peg in 8th grade at Glen Crest, where she was seated next to me for home room and English classes. One look at her penmanship fascinated me, and I started to notice her unusual and attractive fashion sense. She was bright, active, and very interesting, but what really blew me away was her incredible confidence level. As I often did, I wondered what career she would eventually pursue, and while I guessed it might be something to do with fashion or design, I realized she had the intellect and range of interests to go in any number of directions. I'd love to hear about her career direction and aspirations if anybody knows about that.

07/09/21 05:15 PM #5    

Lynda Boden (Rahal)

I also met Peggy at Glencrest and she was exactly how you described her. She was  bright, clever, talented  and had plenty of style. After Glenbard West, she studied Graphic Design  at  Univercity of Illinois. Peggy was always ahead of her time. She sussecfully entered Harvard where she studied Urban Planing. After university, she became an urban planner, married and had a family in Boston. 
Lost touch with her over the years but she will always remained influential to me. 
Lynda Boden Rahal 

07/10/21 08:09 AM #6    

Karen Field (Bolek)

Oh, thank you, Lynda! She went from designing graphics to designing cities -- how cool. I'm glad to hear she also had the marriage and family experience that I think would have suited her well. A beautiful life lost all too soon.

07/11/21 02:10 PM #7    

Robin Kline

I remember Peggy so very, very fondly. And I have a picture of her in my mind on that blindingly beautiful and poignant May 1970 day when we all left class to sit on the Hill, with our black armbands in reaction/protest to the slaughter at Kent State. (I see her with with Dan Ruby? am I remembering that correctly? were they dating?) How nourishing to know that Peggy pursued graphic design and urban planning.

07/11/21 02:45 PM #8    

Lee Dane (Gonzalez)

So sad to see another classmate has left too soon. I always thought Peggy had a coolness about her when we were at Glen Crest Junior High, which of course carried into high school. Thank you Linda for posting about Peggy’s life after high school, a very accomplished life. 

09/15/21 05:25 AM #9    

Derek Jeffers

I was fortunate enough to be able to reconnect with Peg in 2009. I was living in New York for a few months while my wife was on sabbatical, teaching at NYU, and Peg lived in Cambridge, MA. We enjoyed a fair number of long evening phone conversations then. She was as positive and eager to strike out in new directions as ever. Was even toying with the idea of moving to Paris for awhile - I remembered she always wrote her sevens French-style since high school - and my wife and I promised we could put her up if she came. She was very proud of her two children. Later, we met her son Xavier, who needed a place to hole up in Europe after being evacuated from Egypt, where he was doing an internship, during the Arab Spring. Peg called us in Paris and Xavier stayed with us for a bit. He is today an independent film maker, and I believe his sister Zola is also every bit as creative, after getting a degree in journalism.

We had drinks together in NY when she came down to help out her daughter once, who was there at the time, and I can testify that she was still as physically fit as ever, unlike most of the rest of us, I'm afraid!

No intellectual or physical laziness there. Definitely miss her.

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