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Craig Gower, 2003

Craig Gower, 2003

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02/09/20 01:06 PM #1    

Scott Zapel

They say it is a small world.  I knew Craig somewhat, mostly from GE Boys' Baseball when we were kids, but we weren't close friends.  In probably the 1980s I was on vacation touring Yosemite National Park, specifically, the Mariposa Grove of gaint sequoia trees.  I'm wandering around looking at all the huge trees (some with tunnels through their trunks), and who do I see nearby doing the same thing?: Craig Gower.  We marveled at seeing each other at that unexpected venue.  As I said, we didn't know each other that well, but it was nice seeing someone from Glen Ellyn that far from home, and there was an instant connection because of our shared origins.

09/17/21 11:13 AM #2    

Kevin Ribble

Craig remains my life long best friend. I use the term remains because he is in my thoughts regularly. His son Adam (looks like Craig only a much bigger version) is a part of my family (I’m uncle Mike) and joins us every spring at the beach house (rented) in Porta Ranses. 

I met Craig our freshman year English class. As normal, I had not written a paper on what I did for the summer, so Craig gave me his paper to help. I did change the title, but little else, it was a good paper. Yes, I was guilty of plagiarism and Craig by association. We met with the teacher (I think Ms. Hansen) and were given 4 weekends of detention with coach Lazier presiding. Craig's parents were not keen on our friendship, true to this day.  An auspicious start to a lifelong friendship that would scan 5 marrages (3 Craig and 2 for me). I guess we had clean slates when we met because the memories remained clear for so many years. I guess that is why no matter the time apart, we picked up from where we started and understood the changes we went through, not always for the better. We understood because we knew the real person.   

Craig always, was fun and really loved life and believed the little things had to be noticed to be enjoyed, I recall he told me "I needed to simplify my life." I only recently got the point.  He was my counsel when I had tough decisions and I think I was his as well. His parting gift of friendship forced me to gain a true belief in God, you see, I know with no hesitation that Craig is in heaven or some reasonable facsimile. 

Craig was a trust fund kid, was part of the Hormel fortune. He (against my wishes) refused to take any money until he met Olga 2001. He was a veteran, served in Korea, went to school got a draftsman certification and he and Margo had one great kid, Adam.  Craig died suddenly form a heart attack while on holiday with Olga, one family member asked if I thought there was a potential case against Viagra?  

Glenbard West, thanks for the memories.  Cheers, K

09/17/21 03:42 PM #3    

Ralph Klein

Hi Kevin, I was just sitting here working and saw your post on Craig. Thought I’d write and add that it was nice of you to post your comments. I enjoyed the read. Last time I saw Craig was at the 20-year reunion. We had a nice chat, then he gave a nice speech before us all at the reception. Next, I heard of his unfortunate passing some years later. I think Craig and I were in a few classes together including one of my favorites…  Detention. We may have spent more time in there than any other class. Its nice to see you to this day have a nice relationship with his son Adam.

I do remember when ever Craig and I talked we always seemed to have enough things to laugh about together. He had a great sense of humor…...hope to see you in a couple of weeks.


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