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Howard "Howie" Engstrom

Howard Howie Engstrom

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05/26/20 03:45 PM #1    

Penn Reagan

I remember Howard "The Crusher" Engstrom well from Glen Crest Junior High and he lived around the corner from me.  During gym class at Glen Crest I was partnered with him for wrestling since we were the lightest weights in the class. He still had me by 10 lbs or so.  We started wrestling and I lost my balance and fell backward and put my arm back to break my fall but broke my arm instead.  Howie seized the opportunity to try and pin me as any good wrestler would but I knew something was wrong and the coach luckily pulled him off of me. I chipped the end of my elbow off and needed surgery.  He was called "The Crusher" after that!

He was nice guy and he will be missed. I know he passed away at a young age and I heard it was from a car accident but someone posted that he may have died in Vietnam. Either way, it's tragic loss.

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