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Robert "Kip" Dyson, Jr. , 1970

Robert Kip Dyson, Jr. , 1970

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07/14/21 10:16 PM #1    

Laura Salsbery (Pentecost)

For all of the memorials being posted lately,  (how sad frown)  with each one, I am taken back to October 1970 when we lost our first classmate, Kip Dyson. My love and my sweetheart. He lives in my heart to this day. So many relationships, adventures, heartaches, & joys have come into my life and I have been truly blessed.  Kip is one of my most treasured blessings. I think of him often and remember all of the fun we had and plans that we made. We had many of them! When I check one of those things off of our "to do" list, I say, "This one's for you too Kip!". I probably sound like a crazy old lady after all of this time, whatever, who cares, but these past 50 + years just seem like yesterday to me. He was a good person, loving and funny and smart. 

07/19/21 11:47 PM #2    

John Simanton

Laura, that's beautiful!

07/20/21 01:41 PM #3    

Byron Heidorn

Kip lived two blocks from me on Bryant Ave. and we hung out daily throught junior High and freshman year. We played "horse" shooting hoops in that crooked net in his driveway untile we couldn't see at night, made "Radio calls" on an old intercom system in his house, and watched sports with his family. I still remember seeing Peggy Flemming in the her olympic debut sitting on the living room floor at Kip's.

He had so much going for him. When I learned he was terminally sick I asked why not stop going to class and do what we now call bucket list items, but the answer was he wanted to have as normal a life as he could, and besides his friends were at COD. I think that was the first time I really thought about life being unfair. He was a good friend and a great guy, but our life paths just went different ways once at West. I was saddened to hear of his passing form my parents while I was at school that summer while down at SIU, but didn't hear in time to come back for the funeral. We had lost one of the good ones.

He has been and will continue to be missed.

07/20/21 04:26 PM #4    

James "Jim" Wunderlich

Kip lived a few houses down the road from me. We weren't close friends but got together ocassionally to ride bikes, play kick the can and catch lightning bugs. He was a terrific guy and fun to be around. Kippy was dealt a horrible hand. Yet he handled his diagnosis with strength and courage. I stopped over at his house a few days before leaving for college. Walking to his house, I recall being nervous, sad and guilty. What do I say to him? I was heading to college with my life ahead of me. When I walked into the room, Kip was in bed. He was alert with a smile on his face putting me at ease. Kippy talked a little bit about his condition and medications. Mostly, he was curious about my upcoming plans. Although he was in pain, he wanted to know about my housing situation, my new roommate, courses, etc. Unbelievable. Over the years I've thought about my visit with Kip that aftenoon. His upbeat attitude. His energy and spirit. His will to live. His sincere interest in others. His optimism in the eye of the storm.







10/24/21 05:52 PM #5    

Laura Salsbery (Pentecost)

Still love you!

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