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Darryl Bruak, 7-1976

Darryl Bruak, 7-1976

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04/06/20 12:31 AM #1    

Scott Zapel

I didn't know Darryl in school.  But he was obviously a smart guy, being our co-valedictorian.  I believe he attended Stanford University.  I have always thought it was such a waste that he died so young.  Does anyone know what happened to Darryl at such a young age?

04/06/20 10:22 AM #2    

Jim Newman

Scott, I knew Darryl fairly well though not to the extent that we kept in touch after GW. I was shocked when I learned at the 10th reunion that he (as well as several other classmates I knew casually) had passed away. Social Security records show that he died in Contra Costa County, CA, which is on the east side of the bay from Stanford, so it's quite plausible that he died while at Stanford. Where did you learn that from? Some years ago my curiosity got the better of me and I contacted one of the libraries in that area to see if there was anything relevant in the newspapers that year but they came up empty. Did a quick search now via some genealogical resource sites and didn't find anything new other than it appears he was born in or near Thiensville WI.

We had a lot in common but not to the extent that we were ever more than casual friends. He lived just up the street from me, north of Glen Ellyn, near Spalding School, during junior high. We both played baritone in the band, and were both on the "It's Academic" team during the '69-'70 year. He was also in German class with me (taught by Fraülein Pieper) and I recall that at the start of the school year in 1968 she asked what we had all been doing during the summer and he said he'd been maced during the Democratic Convention protests in Chicago. We were quite possibly in a couple other classes together but German III is the only one I remember for sure. 

04/24/20 08:30 PM #3    

Nan Martin

Darryl went to undergraduate at Yale. We continued to see each other the 1st two years of college since I went to school about an hour from him. But we lost touch after that and he may have gone on to grad school at Stanford. He was a remarkable person I learned a lot from. RIP.

04/27/20 04:40 PM #4    

Anthony Capps

Darryl and I sat next to each other in German class for 3 years. Fraulein Pieper, the teacher sat us alphabetically.  I sat between him and Andy Carter.  Darryl was always a kind and thoughtful guy.  Nothing but good memories. He saved me a number of times when the teacher asked me a question in German and I was expected to answer in German.  Many times he whispered the answer under his breath to me because I obviously didn't study.  We always laughed about it after class.  He was brilliant.  I barely got by with B's.  

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